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Hay Day MOD APK 1.49.4: Download and Enjoy Free Diamond and Money

Calculate time on Hay Day based on the proper time. Therefore, each process of planting or baking will take you a few minutes and they will force you to wait until it is finished. However, you can also speed up the process if you do not want to wait by pressing the lightning bolt icon. Each operation costs you a diamond.

hay day mod apk 1_49_4 unlimited diamond


It will value orders in gold coins and blue stars representing experience points for you to level up. When there are enough blue stars on the level bar, you will level up and receive the rewards of gold and diamonds. Leveling up is very important, will help you unlock more new items and get rewarded. To level up quickly, do a lot of farm activities such as harvesting eggs, growing crops and harvesting, producing food for livestock and poultry, baking bread, and buying more items.

If you are low level, ask Tom to get tools such as saws, axes, or shovels. If you are at a high level, take advantage of this boy to get the level because the level bottle is easy to exchange, and helps build the ship. Normally, to make level jars, you will take 8 hours. But thanks to Tom, in one day, you can earn nine-level jars. After the free period is over, spend 15 diamonds to hire the boy within the next 24 hours.


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