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Where To Buy Ply Gem Windows

See how Ply Gem is helping to make homes more inviting, lives simpler and projects easier. Our case studies highlight real-life examples of how the right windows and doors can make all the difference.

where to buy ply gem windows

Custom made replacement window screens specifically made for Ply Gem & Alenco brand windows. Due to Ply Gem & Alenco's manufacturing of many sizes under their multiple series of windows, we ask that all Shade Screen customers still go through the measuring process to ensure you receive the correct fitted window screen.

NOTE: Some of Ply Gem & Alenco's windows come with window screens that have proprietary "butterfly" or sometimes called "knife" latches. These latches are not readily available in the marketplace. If your current Ply Gem & Alenco window screens have these latches, please contact us and we will walk you through the options you have. Most of our Ply Gem & Alenco window customers order the plungers on the left and right side (usually the height side) of the window screen. The only thing that is required by the customer is drilling a small pilot hole so that the ends of the plungers can be pushed into your window frame.

Shade Screen Solutions is NOT affiliated or associated with Ply Gem & Alenco Windows in any way. Shade Screen Solutions only provides replacement screens that match the specifications of screens that come with the majority of Ply Gem & Alenco's quality windows.

Ply Gem Windows is a window manufacturer located in North America specializing mainly in mid-grade windows and doors designed to enhance your home and make your spaces brighter. According to the company, "Ply Gem utilizes the latest advances in science and technology to bring your superior, stylish windows and patio doors". Even though Ply Gem windows reviews can be found all over the Internet, my goal is to include as much relevant information in this review to save you time and let you make an informed decision on the windows.

Let's start off with an often overlooked aspect of window buying, but in my opinion, one of the most important: warranties. All Ply Gem windows and door come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, which is transferable for 5 years. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover glass breakage on its windows or doors.

One of the main advantages of Ply Gem windows are their prices. They are often priced 33% lower than windows of competitors - Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Stanek - with similar efficiency ratings. If you are trying to save money without sacrificing quality, Ply Gem is a great place to start your window search.

Ply Gem windows come in a wide variety of styles, a list too long to cover in a review. Some of the more popular styles are bay, double hung, garden, and sliding. The right style window for you obviously depends on the room it is going in and the use, but you are likely to be purchasing more than one style of window for your home.

In addition to the window styles, there are also different materials available for your windows. Aluminum, aluminum clad, vinyl, vinyl clad, wood, and wood composite are the materials that you can choose for Ply Gem windows.

My main complaint with Ply Gem windows is the high air leakage number. Seal failure is relatively common in these windows, which can be a major problem if you live in a cold weather climate. To avoid running into this problem, read the next paragraph closely and take the advice to heart.

Even though Ply Gem windows are beautifully constructed and aesthetically-pleasing, you need to make sure the professional installing the windows is experienced and highly-rated. If you have a trusted contractor, ask them if they have an installer who is recommended. Also, make sure to get some references before hiring them, because you can purchase the best windows in the world, but if the person installing them does a poor job, you will run into trouble at some point. As people who have encountered trouble with seemingly high-quality windows will tell you, your windows are only as good as the person installing them!

You can buy Ply Gem windows by heading to and clicking on the "Where to Buy" button. From there, you can search for a professional in your area and it will return businesses nearby that sell the brand.

Windows are a major purchase for your home, and you need to perform your due diligence before buying them. Ply Gem is an affordable brand that will hold up nicely over the years, and I highly recommend looking at their windows during your window-buying process.

Exceptional. Durable. Stylish. If this is how you'd like the windows in your home to be described, then Ply Gem windows can meet that standard. Choosing windows for your house can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be when you have a leading manufacturer on your side. Brilliant design, colors to suit every taste, and high-performance windows from Ply Gem will make your house a home.

For more than seventy-five years, Ply Gem Residential Solutions have pioneered the exterior building industry. The company is a division of Cornerstone Building Brands. Quality building products for your house exterior can all be found with Ply Gem, including windows, patio doors, siding, designer accents, veneer, fencing, and railing.

For the past four years, Ply Gem has also taken on an initiative to help their community. Since 2016, their Home for Good project has donated its products to the need for affordable housing across the U.S. Their passion for well-built homes is now assisting local communities in need. Your purchase of Ply Gem windows allows them to continue this social project.

At its Calgarymanufacturing facility, Ply Gem produces a full line of vinyl and aluminum cladwindows and patio doors, as well as fiberglass and steel entrance doors. Ply Gemproducts are available in Canada through a nationwide network of Ply Gem-owneddistribution centres and dealer distributors. For more information, pleasevisit

Ply Gem manufactures a comprehensive line of windows, doors,vinyl siding and accessories for the new construction, home repair, retail andremodeling markets in Canada. Additionally, Ply Gem distributes a wide varietyof exterior building products including replica stone, fencing, railing,windows and doors and architectural accents domestically through theirnationwide distribution center network and via export globally. Ply Gem brandsinclude Ply Gem Windows, Ply Gem Stone, Ply GemTrim and Mouldings, Ply Gem Fence and Railing and Mittenby Ply Gem vinyl siding. For more information, visit

Ply Gem (NYSE: PGEM), headquartered in Cary, N.C., is a leadingmanufacturer of exterior building products in North America. Ply Gem produces a comprehensive product lineof windows and patio doors, vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories, designeraccents, cellular PVC trim and mouldings, vinyl fencing and railing, stoneveneer and gutterware. Ply Gem employs more than 9,000 associates across NorthAmerica. Visit for more information.

Ply Gem produces windows and patio doors, vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories, designer accents, cellular PVC trim and mouldings, vinyl fencing and railing, stone veneer, roofing and gutterware products used in both new construction and home repair and remodeling across the United States and Canada.

"We are dedicated to our customers and well positioned to lead the residential and commercial markets as Cornerstone Building Brands, and to make positive contributions to the places where people live, work and play," James S. Metcalf, chairman of the board and CEO, said in a news release.

Cornerstone's product portfolio consists of windows, vinyl siding, insulated metal panels, metal roofing and wall systems and metal accessories. The company has more than 21,000 employees at manufacturing, distribution and office sites throughout North America.

Ply Gem, headquartered in Cary, N.C., is a leading manufacturer of building products in North America. Number one in vinyl siding and in vinyl and aluminum windows, Ply Gem produces a comprehensive product line of windows and patio doors, vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories, designer accents, cellular PVC trim and mouldings, vinyl fencing and railing, stone veneer, roofing and gutterware products, used in both new construction and home repair and remodeling across the United States and Canada. Visit for more information.

Established in 1948, Atrium is a nationally-recognized provider of high quality windows and doors to the new construction and repair and remodel markets. The company operates a nationwide network of manufacturing facilities and sells a comprehensive line of products in all 50 states and Canada. For more information on Atrium and its quality window and door products, visit

Overview of Lifetime Limited Warranty Ply Gem Pacific Window Corporation (PLY GEM), subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, warrants to the original property owner/consumer, when subject to normal use and proper installation, that its vinyl windows and doors will be free from manufacturing defects as long as the original property owner/consumer retains ownership of the property in which the windows and doors were installed. PLY GEM will repair or replace, at its election, free of charge, including parts and labor (including labor in connection with the repair or removal of the original product or installation of the replacement product), any window or door determined to be defective under the terms of this warranty. In lieu of replacement or repair, PLY GEM, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refund the amount originally paid by the original property owner/consumer for the window or door, including reasonable cost (as determined by PLY GEM) for the original installation.

Lifetime Limited Warranty and Property Sale In the event the original property owner/consumer sells the property in which the windows or doors covered by this warranty are installed, the coverage provided by this warranty may be transferred to the subsequent property owner/consumer; however, coverage will be twenty (20) years for material and five (5) years for labor measured from the date the original property owner/consumer had them installed. 041b061a72


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