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[S2E12] The Green Mask ((EXCLUSIVE))

Finally, we performed serum blockade of binding experiments15, demonstrating that antibodies competing with S2H97 binding are rare in infection- and vaccine-elicited sera (Fig. 2g). This sub-dominance of antigenic site V may be explained by the inaccessibility of the epitope as illustrated in the cryoEM structure. However, the protective nature and exceptional breadth of S2H97 suggests that updated immunogen designs, such as those based on the RBD33,34,35, could unmask antigenic site V to better elicit S2H97-like antibodies.

[S2E12] The Green Mask

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A long-term goal is to develop antibodies and vaccines that cross-react with distant sarbecovirus lineages capable of zoonotic spillover. We have identified a cryptic epitope capable of eliciting pan-sarbecovirus immunity, represented by S2H97. Though S2H97-like antibodies are rare in polyclonal sera, the protective capacity and exceptional breadth of S2H97 indicates that pan-sarbecovirus vaccines could seek to improve responses to this epitope by unmasking this and other cryptic broadly neutralizing epitopes5,37,41. Broader cross-reactivity among betacoronavirus lineages including MERS and OC43 has been reported for antibodies that bind the spike S2 domain32,38,42. Though S2H97 breadth does not extend beyond sarbecoviruses, its discovery expands our view of what can be achieved via a potent RBD-directed antibody response.

To further improve the density of the S2D106 Fab, the particles were then subjected to focus 3D classification without refining angles and shifts using a soft mask on RBD and Fab variable domains with a tau value of 60 in Relion. Particles belonging to classes with the best resolved local density were selected and subject to local refinement using CryoSPARC. Local resolution estimation, filtering, and sharpening were carried out using CryoSPARC. Reported resolutions are based on the gold-standard Fourier shell correlation (FSC) of 0.143 criterion and Fourier shell correlation curves were corrected for the effects of soft masking by high-resolution noise substitution76. UCSF Chimera77 and Coot78 were used to fit atomic models into the cryoEM maps. Spike-RBD/S2D106 Fab model was refined and relaxed using Rosetta using sharpened and unsharpened maps79.

Though he was never seen without his mask, as a member of the Blade of Marmora it is clear he had in him. However it is possible he may be only part Galra, as he has a tail (if it is not part of his uniform) as well as three-fingered hands.

Nomi brings Jonas his blocker. He's cuffed to the radiator in the bathroom. Jonas quotes Proust from his book. Jonas complies and takes his blocker. He compliments Kala on their blockers, since they lack the nausea you usually get with homemade stuff. Nomi then starts inquiring about The Chairman. Jonas says he wears a bio-mask and uses a voice modulator. He's paranoid. Jonas recalls his first meeting with Will, when Will had to choose between what he knew and what he felt. Will thinks this is different. Nomi then asks about Angelica. They understand she went to Chicago to look for her first cluster and then started working with BPO. What they don't get is why she made the neural graft. Jonas says there's no one he's known better than Angelica. He remembers their past, including what looks like Angelica launching an assault against BPO in one of their facilities. Jonas says she left the cabin because she could feel that Raoul was alive in Chicago. Once she was there, she wanted to understand what Kolovi and Whispers were doing. She got them to trust her, which included an affair with Whispers. She soon realized she could use their technology to build a machine to trace the psycellium to her children. She secretly developed a graft of neural-morphic ligature and used the conductivity of psycellium to send a signal.

Wolfgang is visited by The Chairman, who wears his mask and uses his voice modulator. Wolfgang tauns him. The Chairman's not afraid of him. He prefers anonimity. The Chairman tells Wolfgang his kind has been subjugating his because there's only one voice telling him what to do. He takes a gun and points at Wolfgang's. He recalls Wolfgang's near-suicide. Sensates have too many conflicting thoughts. He has a simple cure to shut them all up. Wolfgang dares him to pull the trigger. The Chairman doesn't do it. He tells Wolfgang he's leaving them in the morning, but he'll await his swift return. Wolfgang is looking forward to that, too.

The Chairman tells Lila he respects what she has done, but he will destroy her if she betrays him again. He has Habib inject her and Whispers with a blocker. As he's injected, Whispers appears to remember him from the small demonstration he did for Croome. The Chairman tells Lila she can have her rione if she gives him Brandt. She asks for the one thing that will ensure her his continuing cooperation: his identity. As they agreed, he takes off his mask, revealing a horribly burned face. He says her kind did this to him. Mid-sentence, he is shot in the head by Habib. Lila retaliates by shooting him.

  • UnmaskedMaskedCheshireVital statisticsReal nameJade Crock[1]AliasJade Nguyen[2]Birth year1991[3]SpeciesHumanPhysical descriptionGenderFemaleHair colorBlackEye colorBlackRelationshipsRelativesPaula Crock (mother)

  • Lawrence Crock (father)[4]

  • Artemis Crock (sister)[4]

  • Will Harper (husband, separated)

  • Lian Nguyen-Harper (daughter)

  • AffiliationLeague of Shadows (formerly)Powers and abilitiesPowersSkilled martial artistEquipmentCheshire mask;

  • Assorted melee weaponry

Production detailsFirst appearance"Infiltrator"Voiced byKelly HuImage gallery (36)Cheshire (real name Jade Nguyen, formerly Crock[1]) is a highly skilled assassin who formerly worked for the League of Shadows. She is the daughter of Lawrence and Paula Crock, and the older sister of Artemis Crock. She is married to Will Harper, and the mother of Lian Nguyen-Harper.

The outfit she uses whilst working for the League of Shadows is a dark green colored kimono, and appears as though it has shreds and rips along it. Whether these rips are an intentional design or just wear and tear from her time as an assassin is unknown. The kimono is tied around her waist, where its length reaches just above her knees. Cheshire also wears black knee-high boots.[5]

A trademark of her appearance is a white mask, resembling a cat's head with red stripes and a wide grin, in reference to the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, hence her name.[5]

Jade reported to Artemis that she thought both were either telling the truth or very good liars. She also berated Artemis for not covering her identity more carefully after Onyx had explained how easily she found her. They were interrupted when Rictus made a move on Savage, but then came under attack themselves from Black Spider. Cheshire and Orphan fought Spider, who mocked Cheshire for leaving the Shadows for a man. The fight came to an end when Lady Shiva appeared from the shadows and took Orphan hostage. Shiva demanded Tigress bring Savage to Santa Prisca or she would kill Orphan. The Shadows then all left, teleported out by Shade. Tigress made plans to go to Santa Prisca with Savage and Onyx, not to trade for Orphan, but to rescue her. Cheshire was incredulous, saying Tigress should take her Team despite Shiva's warnings. Cheshire also revealed that Orphan was Shiva's daughter, something she realized once Shiva unmasked her, revealing the scars on her throat. Tigress asked if Cheshire could promise that Shiva would not kill Orphan, but she couldn't. Tigress asked for Cheshire to join them, but she refused. Cheshire left, but not before dropping her old code-phrase, "Mad as hatters".[11]

At a safe house, Jade finished dressing Artemis's wound, and agreed to allow her to call Will about coming home. When Artemis made the call, Lian joined the call to show off her "mommy mask". Jade was horrified and ran off.[9]

In his later years, as Belos, he is an elderly man with a fair complexion, cornflower-blue eyes, wrinkly lips, and long, rough-looking, ash-blond hair reaching past his shoulders. His ears are now pointed like a witch's ears, as a result of Philip physically cutting them into shape, with a notch on his left ear similar to Hunter's. Most prominently though, he has a large, basil-green scar running across his face and down his neck with holes from the bruise he received on his nose from Lilith years ago, an indication of how severely his illness is affecting him.

Whenever the palismen essence begins to act up, his body heavily destabilizes into a black-and-green sludge-like substance that turns him into a deformed, skeletal creature with disproportionately long limbs that constantly drip sludge, accompanied by various blue eyes covering his body, and two horns that resemble those of his mask. The only human features he retains are his hair and his eyes, which glow bright blue. Following the events of "King's Tide", Belos has been reduced to his monstrous appearance, forcing him to begin possessing living creatures to survive.

As Belos, he wears a golden mask with two long upward-facing horns. His eyes are hollow through the mask, creating the appearance of having empty eye sockets. He wears a large white and brown cape with gold trim over a baggy gray tunic and black pants tucked into both his golden gloves and brown boots.

Belos takes care to protect his image of strength and power to discourage others from questioning his authority or rebelling against his laws, as he was incensed when Luz managed to damage his mask and fool him. He retains his treacherous nature as Philip and is not above lying, having made a promise to Lilith he had no intention of keeping.[3] He also lies to the populace, having engineered propaganda that he can speak to the Titan that forms the Boiling Isles, and later claimed the Titan had told him to spare the Owl Lady's life but would remain in her cursed state as an example to those who question Belos' laws and power, all in order to preserve his seemingly infallible image when the fact otherwise is plain to see.[3] 041b061a72


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