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FotMob Indir: Live Scores, Stats, News and More

Against Liverpool, the Seagulls created 2.61 xGOT at Anfield and won the match on xGOT, limiting the Reds to only 2.31 xGOT, per Last week against Tottenham, it was a different story as Brighton created only 0.7 xGOT while limiting Tottenham to 0.49 in the same category.

fotmob indir

Use fotmob_get_season_stats to retrieve values for aspecified stat, season, and league. See the docs for the function for acomplete list of stat_names. Note that some stats are onlyavailable for either team or player, and that some names are differentfor teams and players (e.g. "Expected goals" for"team" and "Expected goals (xG)" for"player").

fotmob also lists data for all leagues by date. Usefotmob_get_matches_by_date to select matches occurring onspecific day(s) and filter down to the league(s) that you care about.Since fotmob_get_league_matches does not allow forselecting seasons, the only way to get matches from prior seasons is touse fotmob_get_matches_by_date


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