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12 Days Of Self Care Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: 3 hours ago

I am absolutely obsessed with holiday gift guides, I think they're so fun! So, this year I decided to make my own 12 Days Of Self Care Holiday Gift Guide. This year has been a little crazy and everyone could use a little more self care in their lives.

All of the gifts on this list are super affordable, gender neutral and from amazon and are available for prime delivery to make sure you get your gifts in time! All of the gifts I'm recommending in this guide are all products that I've personally bought and love. You can check out each of the items I talk about by clicking on the heading and it will bring you right to the product page. Let's jump into it!

Jade Facial Roller & Gua-Sha

This is the perfect addition to anyones skin care routine. They work to de-puff the skin, increase blood circulation, deeper penetration of skin care, decreased wrinkles, and works out tension in facial muscles. I LOVE mine and use it just about every night. Keep it in the freezer for an extra cooling effect, it feels amazing!

Eye Gels

My favorite part of my morning routine. Coffee and eye gels! Eye gels hydrate, de-puff, and awaken the under eyes for that bright, wide eyed look we all love. Keep them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

Coloring Book + Colored Pencils

Coloring has to be one of the most effective stress relievers and anxiety reducers plus it brings most of us back to our childhoods & its always good to honor our inner child.


A classic that you cannot go wrong with no matter who you're buying for. This one specifically is super cute and smells up the whole room.

Oil Diffuser + Essential Oils

This is a must have for anyone. It add a beautiful, zen touch to anyone home. I love to keep mine on my night stand and every night I fill it with water, add lavender oil (my fav), and let the room smell up before bed time. So relaxing!

Dr. Jart Variety Sheet Masks

These sheet masks are the best I have every used! Dr. Jart is an amazing skincare brand & I'm obsessed with their face masks. With a variety pack, you cannot go wrong!


Journaling is for everyone. It allows us to get our thoughts and feelings out in a safe way. It allows us to process, grow, let go, heal, manifest, evolve. This one comes in a variety of colors so there's something for everyone!

French Coffee Press

This one is for the coffee lover in your life. The french press is a fun way to make coffee and it offers stronger, better lasting coffee. The coffee grounds steep in the hot water until you press it. I love using mine on the weekends and entertaining!

Dessert Bath Bombs

These beautiful bath bombs come in a set of 6. These have to be the cutest, best smelling, and moisturizing bath bombs ever. They come in a desert box and each one is a different dessert, some actually come in the shape of cupcakes! They are vegan and super nourishing to the skin and the soul. Make sure to get yourself these too!

Hand Masks

Tis the season for extremely dry hands! Which is why you cant go wrong with this gift. The Aveeno ones are my favorite, super hydrating and come with 5 masks. I recommend doing these before bed to let the serum soak overnight.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

The prettiest, most zen lamp out there. These lamps are so beautiful and so relaxing to have in any room. A must have for everyone!

Tea Variety Box

Tea is something that most people drink and if they don't its probably because they don't have any or don't know where to start when buying tea. This offers the perfect selection of teas in a beautiful gift.

I hope I was able to help you check off everyone on your list, including yourself! Every holiday season, in the midst of buying for everyone else, I always make sure to treat myself to something too!

Have a wonderful, peaceful and safe holiday

Wishing you a beautiful day 🌿

Much Love,

Bellamy Ryder

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