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New Year, New Goals Game Plan

Updated: Jan 3

We've all been there... You get so excited about the new year and all that you're going to do and accomplish, then, a few months go by and those goals have been forgotten.

Why do most people have a hard time sticking to new goals especially at the beginning of a new year?

Well… there are many reasons. The biggest one being not having smaller, more attainable goals that progressively help you reach that really big goal.

Having big goals is great! But do you have a game plan on how exactly you're going to achieve them? This is super important in being successful in any goal. For example:

Big goal: I am going to have $20,000 saved by the end of the year.


  • I am going to save said amount of money a week.

  • I am going to stop buying coffee every morning and make it at home.

  • I am going to learn how to delay instant gratification by asking myself “do I need this” before purchasing something.

When creating a new goal, be as specific as possible. It’s like having directions to somewhere you have never been before. You basically follow the directions you’ve given yourself to get to your destination - your big goal. The more specific you are with how you're going to get there, the easier it’ll be!

The second biggest reason why a lot of people give up on their new year goals is due to the fact that you expect to wake up on new years morning and completely change your life in one day. This is impossible. Real change and success takes time, dedication, patience, and lots of consistency.

Let me tell you, the first day of the year is not everything. It does not determine how the rest of the year will go and what you will achieve. If you don't start your goals until the 5th of the month… that's okay! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, it really takes the enjoyment out of it all.

Make a promise to yourself to work consistently towards your goals and not give up.

Oftentimes, when people don’t see the results they want right away, they give up. Big goals, real change, and success takes time. Be patient and stay dedicated to yourself. You deserve to reach those big goals.

Focus on making a little bit of progress each day. After a few months you'll be surprised at what you've accomplished. If something isn’t working, be flexible. Keep an open mind and simply change whatever is not working. We all experience setbacks, but it’s what you do with them that matters.

Instead of looking at any setback as a waste of time, energy, become frustrated and give up. Look at it as a small lesson as to what needs to be done differently and use it to your advantage. Change your mindset to a problem solving mindset. You can overcome anything!

This Year Is Your Year If You Make It Your Year!

Take action and do not give up on yourself. Stay positive, patient, and consistent! Nothing is impossible.

You are capable and worthy of even your biggest of goals and dreams. Go out there and get them, they are yours for the taking.

Wishing you the most wonderful, happiest, healthiest 2021

Wishing you a beautiful day 🌿

Much Love,

Bellamy Ryder


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