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Self Love & Its Many Forms

Updated: 5 hours ago

Self love/care is not just about doing face masks and going to get a pedicure. Self care is taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically.

Too often I witness people not giving themselves the time, attention and energy that they deserve. Usually because we tend to believe we’re too busy to do all of that physical, mental, spiritual work.

Yes, it does take time - that is why it is necessary to take the first step of practicing self love and make the time for yourself!

Literally write down and schedule yourself some self love time if you have to. It can be just ten minutes too, it does not have to be a whole two hour ordeal. Even if you just have ten minutes to yourself - do some meditation, write in your journal, stretch, take a bath, read, lay down and close your eyes to enjoy some peace and quiet. Create a healthy habit that feels good and you enjoy doing.

Okay, so now you set aside time each day dedicated to yourself. Perfect! Now, I want you to start incorporating self love into your whole day, everyday. This can look like…

🌿 Practicing positive self talk.

🌿 Being kind to yourself and others - it is proven that being kind to others boosts our happiness too.

🌿 Wearing your seat belt and driving safely.

🌿 Having a healthy morning routine - I have a whole other blog post dedicated to morning routines, you can check it out here

Morning Routine Magic - Blog Post

🌿 Saying no to the things you really do not want to do - say no to people pleasing and spreading yourself too thin.

🌿 Learn to recognize when you are feeling stressed and experiencing signs of burnout - trouble sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, increased or decreased appetite, feeling on edge, racing thoughts.

🌿 Recognizing self destructive behaviors and working on replacing them with health habits (blog post coming on this soon).

🌿 Being yourself unapologetically - do not cater to other people's egos to make them feel more comfortable or make yourself seem more "likable". You are good enough and you don't have to change yourself based on the people around you. If they don’t like you… who the f cares?!

🌿 Focus on love and gratitude. This is life changing - when you learn how to look at life with a grateful heart filled with love for yourself, life and those who love and care about you, your focus shifts from a lack to happiness.

🌿 Fueling your body with nourishing food and drinking enough water (stops to chug some water lol).

🌿 Doing the inner work to challenge yourself, grow as a person, heal childhood wounds, gain more confidence and self esteem, destroy self limiting beliefs and doubts.

🌿 Getting exercise at least three times a week - choose to do something you actually like doing!

🌿 Taking care and keeping up personal hygiene.

🌿 Getting rid of any toxicity - this could be a job, friend, significant other, even a family member, or some commitment you made that no longer makes you happy. Whatever it is, get rid of it.

🌿 Learning that peoples thoughts and opinions about you mean absolutely nothing.

🌿 Learning to forgive - be it yourself or someone else.

🌿 Having the confidence to try new things and get out of your comfort zone - this is the only way we grow and you owe it to yourself to overcome your ego (fear) and go for what you want!

🌿 Recognizing when you're being negative and making excuses and stop.

🌿 Knowing that you deserve people how will love, support, believe in you, and stick by you through thick and thin.

Plus so much more. The thing about self love is that, there are the basics that we all should practice like personal hygiene, wearing our seat belts, and positive self talk. Then, there is the kind of self love that is individualized. Everyone has different needs and things they need to practice and work on. It is up to you to recognize what those things are, make a game plan, and commit to that form of self love.

Self love is how we take care of ourselves inside and out. Begin to embody self love every single day. You deserve love, care, and attention. Do not wait around or look for others to give this to you. I promise, that is unhealthy and not the same.

Love yourself first. Treat yourself the way you dream of someone else treating you. Be that person for yourself! Fulfill your own wants and needs. You deserve that.

Wishing you a beautiful day 🌿

Much Love,

Bellamy Ryder

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