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Summer Self Care Essentials

Updated: Jun 18

The summer season has officially arrived and I am beyond excited! Summertime is my absolute favorite time of the year with long hot days, nature thriving, beach trips, warm nights, cookouts, music festivals, I could go on!

Enjoying what each season brings you and enhancing your life through it is about embodying the energy of that particular season. It increases self fulfillment, happiness, and connection to the self and the natural world. 

Summer is a highly energetic time of year. It’s a time of adventure, freedom, love, expansion, joy, fruition, celebration, and flow. It invites us to get out more, have more experiences, celebrate ourselves and how far we've come, be authentic, live in our power, enjoy what each day brings us, spend more time in nature, let pleasure guide us, and simply soak up life. 

My “Summer Self Care Essentials” guide is full of holistic wellness and lifestyle products that will help you embody summer vibrations whilst enhancing health, wellbeing, self love and fulfillment. And of course I didn't forget to throw in a little summertime recipe to enjoy! If you want to check out any of the products I talk about, simply click the underlined headings and it will bring you right to the product page! Let the guide commence…

With the hot, sunny days of summer usually comes more sun exposure. The sun is integral to human health and wellbeing. Without proper amounts of daily sunshine on bare skin we will stay at a lower level of health and homeostasis will never be fully achieved.

We have been so conditioned to fear the sun and have been led to believe it causes more damage than it actually does. We are meant to be exposed to the sun, we need it as it offers an array of powerful benefits including initiating and regulating so many processes within the body right down to the cells. It's all about intentional sun exposure, 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight on the skin 1-3 times per day for health benefits.

If you're interested in learning more about the sun, health benefits, and intentional sun exposure check out my blog Sunbeams For Wellbeing and my other blog Sun Care for more on intentional safe sun practices and sun aftercare. 

Sunscreen comes in handy when you're going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time without breaks. Even though we need the sun to survive and thrive, too much of anything can be harmful. We want to avoid getting burnt and causing damage to the skin, our largest organ. We also want to avoid lathering chemical sunscreen onto our skin which only increases sun sensitivity and adverse reactions, negatively impacts the liver and blood, and damages marine life.

All of the toxic agents found in most sunscreens not only contaminate your body but the oceans as well, greatly affecting coral reefs and ultimately thousands of marine life species. Earth, and humans, will not survive without healthy oceans - about 80% of the oxygen we breathe comes from marine plants and animals.

You’ll want to look for a non toxic mineral sunscreen that contains zinc oxide. The one I’m highly recommending is the Sun Grazer Tallow and Zinc Sun Balm from the beautiful brand Health Y Sol. This is by far the most incredible sunscreen I’ve used. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to find a totally non toxic sunscreen so I really appreciate brands that are dedicated to using nourishing, wholesome ingredients that are good for us and the planet. If you use the link provided you will receive 10% off your entire purchase or you can use the code BELLAMY10! I definitely recommend checking out their non toxic beef tallow soap as well!

This sun balm is formulated with 100% grass fed and finished beef tallow, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, non nano zinc oxide, vitamin E oil, and cacao powder. I know what you might be thinking, doesn’t putting oils and fats on your skin cause sun burns? Quit the opposite! The combination of beef tallow, olive oil and zinc oxide forms a protective barrier on the skin that provides broad spectrum sun protection. Not to mention beef tallow is extremely nourishing to consume and use on the skin. 

Let’s talk about the non nano zinc oxide. Some zinc oxide particles are so small that they are able to enter into pores and go directly into the bloodstream which is toxic and can cause health issues. Non nano zinc oxide sunscreens are by far the best for humans and marine life. Zinc sunscreens are known for the white cast that it can leave on skin but this one is formulated with cacao which reduces that. This brand is a top tier option for clean, non toxic, nourishing body care products. 

Staying hydrated is always of the utmost importance. We tend to need more water during the hot months so you'll want to make sure you always have water by your side! This 64 oz glass water bottle is perfect for taking with you anywhere you go and serves as a reminder to sip it throughout the day! I call mine my baby and it basically never leaves my side no matter what time of year it is!

We don't want to be drinking water from plastic as it leaches into the water and is detrimental not only to human health but earth as well. It's in our best interest to begin eliminating plastic products from our lives and replacing them with glass and high quality metal versions. 

I don't know what screams summer time more than coconut oil but if you have yet to treat your skin to this sweet smelling, hydrating goodness, don’t wait any longer! I can't describe to you how good this feels on the skin after a good shower and shave. Plus this is a skin savior after long days in the sun and on the beach!

Lots of body lotions contain harmful ingredients that affect overall health and wellbeing. Anything you put on the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream, filtered through the liver, and distributed to the rest of the body. This affects gut, hormone, reproductive, kidney, brain, lung, and nervous system health. It can be overwhelming to learn what products are good for you and which ones aren't. My philosophy is always to keep it simple! Eliminate all the fluff and return back to things in their most natural, most simple form. It doesn't get much more simple or natural than organic coconut oil 🥥 

This is such a treat for the skin especially when it's hot out! Keep the ice roller in the freezer, after you've washed your face and applied your skincare, gently roll over the face hitting the neck, jawline, checks, temples, and forehead. These facial tools help de-puff skin, increase blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promote lymphatic drainage, and just feel so damn good! You can't go wrong with a self care ritual like this! It also feels great to roll on the chest and back of the neck as a way to cool down. Just make sure to keep the tool clean!  

These are the coolest, most convenient beach towels out there! Not only do they dry fast and look super cute but the sand literally just falls off of them. No more getting sand everywhere in your car or house, leave it at the beach with this extra large sand proof towel! It's also perfect for picnics, lounging on the grass or as a blanket for outdoor fires! 

Speaking of picnics! I am all about romanticizing life and this cute little picnic set does just that! This set comes with everything you need for a date in the park with yourself, friends, family or significant other. It's perfect to take to the beach and even road trips! Hell, you don't even have to go anywhere, set yourself up a dreamy little picnic in your backyard and relish in yourself and life. Little things like this make a huge difference in your self fulfillment and happiness.

These are a must for everyone to add into their lifestyle! Human eyes being exposed to artificial forms of light is still a fairly new thing. It is and has been contributing to the dramatic rise in dis-ease we’ve been seeing for over half a century now. Screens and artificial light are unavoidable these days but there are precautions we can take to minimize the degree at which it affects our health.

Looking at artificial light and screens of any kind is the same as looking at the daytime sunlight at its peak strength, so being exposed to these lights at night is specifically damaging to health. When we rise in the morning and go to sleep at night, different chemical reactions happen within the body that prepare us for either. This is known as the circadian rhythm, our innate sleep-wake cycles. The type of light that eyes are exposed to signal different reactions in the brain and body.

As humans, ancestrally and physiologically, we are meant to rise and fall with the sun. When we are exposed to any kind of artificial light after sunset, our brain and body isn't getting the message that it's time to prepare for sleep. The brain and body won't make proper amounts of chemicals for sleep like melatonin, it will continue to produce hormones like cortisol to keep you awake. This has major negative impacts on sleep quality, something that is absolutely critical to overall health and wellbeing. 

Melatonin is actually a powerful antioxidant that allows deep healing of the body during sleep. This imbalance causes a ripple effect throughout the body and negatively impacts gut health, nervous system regulation, brain function, liver capacity, hormone synthesis, immunity and can cause other forms of dis-ease like diabetes, chronic anxiety, depression, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and more.

One of the best things we can do for our health is to start wearing blue light blocking glasses right after the sun has set. This way the circadian rhythm can rebalance, the body can heal, and homeostasis can be restored. This practice also enhances eye health. Many, myself included, who have made this ritual part of their lifestyle report better eyesight, less floaters, and it has been shown that this can seriously help protect eye health long term and avoid eye sight loss and degenerative diseases like glaucoma.

Pro tip: Get outside to expose your eyes to natural light as soon as you can after waking up in the morning, the closer the sunrise the more effective, to help regulate your circadian rhythm. Did you know that the eyes have to be exposed to morning sunlight in order for the skin to be able to synthesize D3? Expose yourself to the sunset and the darkness afterward as well.

I love a nice, fresh manicure and pedicure at any time of the year but summer especially! Most nail polishes are straight up toxic chemicals and applying it to your nails may not seem like a big deal but it does have negative impacts on health. While completely eliminating harmful chemicals is nearly impossible, we can do things to reduce our toxic load so we aren't overloading our bodies. Swapping products for “clean” or “non toxic” versions although not perfect all the time, decreases the amount of harmful elements we are exposed to, this does add up and make a difference.

Many popular brands of nail polish contain chemicals known to cause cancer, infertility, respiratory issues, skin conditions, hormone disruption, nervous system dysregulation, and harm to eye, liver, brain, and gut health. It can also affect the appearance of nails themselves, causing thinning, peeling, discoloration, and fungal issues. If the appearance of the nail is being affected, it is impacting internal health, your body will always tell you when something is wrong.

Once again we ask why and how these ingredients are allowed to be in our products. Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate just to name a few. Chemicals applied to the nails get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, filtered through the liver and make their way through the whole system. The non toxic nail polish I linked in the header is vegan, cruelty free, and no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, TPHP, and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors! The brand, Huella, also has an acetone and alcohol free soy based nail polish remover that is way better for your nails, skin and lungs. 

An incredible book written by the sage Osho. “Emotions” is all about gaining inner freedom from normal human emotions like anger, jealousy, and fear by learning to understand them and not allow them to rule you and your life. It's a short, simple read that offers a lot of insight into oneself. Becoming our happiest, healthiest self is about evolution on all pillars and taking care of every one of our bodies, not just the physical one. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all integral aspects of wellness.

Cardamom Honey Iced Espresso

Coffee is a love language of mine and there's something super fun about making drinks that match the season. Of course our summer coffee recipe is going to be iced but it's not just any regular iced coffee drink. Cardamom honey iced espresso! Nevermind with all of the nasty, artificially flavored coffees, this recipe is super refreshing and has such a nice flavor. 

You'll want to go for raw honey, local if you can, for the most nourishment and best flavor!

I've linked a wonderful organic coffee for you to check out as well. Coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops alongside oats, rice, and wheat (which we want to avoid anyway). Don't forget to check out investing in some glass straws, something that benefits your wallet and the environment long term! 

What you'll need:

  • 2 shots of fresh brewed espresso, you can brew a small cup of regular coffee or use a premade cold brew 

  • Raw honey to taste 

  • Sprinkle of ground cardamom 

  • 6 oz grass fed whole milk 

  • Ice cubes

How to prepare:

  • Brew the espresso, add in the honey and a sprinkle of cardamom 

  • Fill a glass cup with ice and pour the milk over it 

  • Pout the espresso mixture over the ice, watch it melt into the milk and enjoy! 

This concludes my Summer Self Care Essentials guide! More important than the items in this guide, I want to leave you with a message - Spend time this summer reconnecting with yourself. Retreat into nature, take quiet slow walks, sit outside at night just to listen to the crickets, spend time with yourself, romance yourself, do the things that get you out of your comfort zone and spark growth and reignite your zest for life.

Wishing you a beautiful Summer 🌿

Much Love,

Bellamy Ryder


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