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About Bellamy

My Journey & Philosophy 

Hello beautiful soul, welcome, and thank you for taking time to connect with me and learn more about my journey. My only intent through sharing my life experiences, knowledge, and passions is to inspire and help others change their lives through restoring optimal health and wellbeing. 

I've dealt with many types of dis-ease throughout my life, most of which could have been avoided but it all was an important part of my journey, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sit here today and serve society in the way that I am. It's only through experiencing dis-ease that I could learn to heal and prevent it. 

As an infant I nearly died of an asthma attack and spent the rest of my life with breathing difficulty. Around the same time I was diagnosed with eczema that I would deal with on and off for most of my life. I was constantly sick with something from strep throat, tonsillitis, ear and sinus infections, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and mono. I had bad allergies to dust, dust mites, pet hair and dander, and all types of pollen. I started my menstrual cycle at the young age of eleven and my goodness they were heavy and painful alongside some ovarian cyst issues. I developed an eating disorder in my mid teens that nobody knew about. I started with acid reflux and peptic ulcer issues in my mid twenties. It wasn't until I had one of my biggest health scares back in 2021 that I knew I had no other choice but to fully take my health into my own hands because thus far I never got any actual help. 

My asthma and eczema diagnosis was reduced to simply being autoimmune and genetic, the doctors said I'd have to live the rest of my life dealing with symptoms and managing them with pharmaceuticals. The solution to constantly being sick was always prescriptions, antibiotics, and over the counter medications and later on removing an important part of my lymphatic system, my tonsils. Allergies? Just take a pill every day, spray medicine up your nose, and get weekly shots to suppress my immune system. Starting my period so young did not concern anyone, in fact my doctor had no problem prescribing a developing thirteen year old birth control to “regulate” my hormones and painful symptoms. The only help I received for my acid reflux and ulcer was more pills. My unhealthy relationship with exercise, food, and calorie counting was often praised. I may have appeared healthy but I certainly was not.  

At the beginning of 2021 I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, covered in full body hives and red blotches, my entire face swollen, feeling sick and dizzy. I ate, did, and used nothing out of the ordinary. I visited a few different doctors and allergy specialists, none of whom could help me or give me even an inkling as to what was going on within my body. They had me undergo a bunch of different blood and allergy tests which I had done multiple times before that still never yielded results that would make a difference to my health. I got the same answers over and over again throughout my whole life. I believe the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing time and time again expecting different results. I was undoubtedly being called to take full responsibility for my health after being let down by allopathic doctors for so long. 

The common theme here is that no matter what type of dis-ease I experienced, the countless doctors I saw failed to evaluate the root cause. They never mentioned anything about my diet and lifestyle. Why would they? Allopathic doctors do not get educated on how to heal the body, they get taught how to diagnose symptoms and prescribe pharmaceuticals. Allopathy is the medical system in which symptoms of disease get treated with drugs, radiation, surgery, etc. It often focuses on reducing symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of those symptoms. More often than not it's a quick “fix” to long term, deeply seeded issues. 

I'm not demonizing allopathy or saying that it isn't useful or necessary in some cases. I do, however, think it's a huge problem that it's a multi trillion dollar industry, that most people have at least one prescription, and that the United States alone consumes roughly 70% of the world's pharmaceuticals. Determining the root cause and healing naturally through implementing holistic diet and lifestyle changes doesn't make doctors or big pharma any money. Dis-ease is the biggest money making industry on earth. 

It is a problem that the collective is so unwell. It's something that has become so normalized that we have no idea how much better we can feel and be. We've blindly accepted a low quality of life. There is nothing normal about the constant increase of disease rates. 

Dis-ease being anytime the body is experiencing adverse, abnormal, unpleasant symptoms. This can be anything from bloating, digestive issues, acne, brain fog, fatigue, sleep disturbances, arthritis, type two diabetes, foul body odor, mood disorders, to infertility, heavy and painful menstrual cycles, pcos, eczema, allergies, stubborn weight, migraines, asthma, alzheimer’s, cancers, and so the list goes on. 

So what is the root cause of these health issues? Chronic inflammation due to poor gut health. The gut is our life force, it's the foundation of overall health and wellbeing and it sets the tone for the health and functionality of every other organ and system of the body. Poor gut health results in the body producing all types of inflammatory response, aka dis-ease, to communicate to us that something is wrong. We've been conditioned to think that disease is just a normal part of life so we ignore what our bodies are telling us - that it needs help restoring homeostasis, where the body and all its systems are functioning harmoniously and at full capacity. At ease vs. at dis-ease. 

Homeostasis is rooted in homeopathy, the medical system that was used before allopathy started its take over in the 19th century. From this time on rates of dis-ease began to consistently rise. It was the start of the collective conditioning that the body needs pills and potions in order to maintain proper health. Holistic medicine and ways of being became taboo. It's also around the same time that reducing the quality of food became popular. Processing perfectly good food and manufacturing fake food, both filled with inflammatory provoking “ingredients”. Ultimately we've been moving away from our natural way of living.

Homeopathy is about healing and preventing disease and maintaining health through holistic outlets. Food, herbs, movement, sleep, meditation, nature, and a nourishing lifestyle as medicine. My focus is creating a wholesome lifestyle that restores health and nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Returning back to a more natural way of being. When it comes to creating and maintaining deep level health and wellbeing there is no quick fix. There is no one solution. It's your entire way of being that either makes or breaks your health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Health is a lifestyle. 

I think back to all of my personal health issues and am baffled that they could have been nipped in the bud if only our primary medical system addressed root causes vs. handing out the quick fixes that we are so accustomed to nowadays. These quick fixes fix nothing, in fact they can worsen and create new health conditions furthering pharmaceutical dependency. 

What we have been doing these past two centuries has not been working in our favor. Disease rates continue to rise faster than ever while quality of life is decreasing just as rapidly. Something needs to change. 

A large majority of humanity is chronically inflamed and malnourished. Most of us are experiencing serious gut health issues and don't even know it. Humans aren't meant to be dis-ease ridden. We also aren't meant to consume “food” created in factories, hide from the sun, be exposed to harmful chemicals, drink contaminated water, sit all day, be disconnected from nature and constantly connected with screens. The human body is so smart, powerful, and divine but we’ve debilitated its natural ability to restore and maintain homeostasis. 

Taking control over my health and changing my lifestyle has been life changing. It wasn't until after I healed my gut health that I realized the many other forms of dis-ease I was experiencing on the daily. These are things we don't even consider to be dis-ease because they have become so normalized. I was constantly bloated no matter what I ate. I was holding onto about 15 pounds of stubborn weight that no matter how much I exercised, counted calories and macros or supplements I took would never budge, contributing to my eating disorder and psychological distress. I had brain fog, fatigue, stubborn acne, and oral allergies to certain foods that I no longer experience. 

Fast forward to the current day, I hardly ever need my asthma inhaler which I relied on heavily before. I haven't had an eczema flare up in years. I dropped 20 pounds in two months and finally achieved my physical body goals after a decade of persistent exercise and buying into the toxic fitness industry. Looking five months pregnant with uncomfortable bloat every day is no longer an issue. I've eliminated birth control and now have a healthy, regular cycle that I love. Environmental allergies no longer affect me much. My skin and hair are healthier than ever. I hardly ever get sick. The peptic ulcer and acid reflux healed quickly without the help of medication. My sleep, brain fog, and fatigue all improved. As I learned what my body really needed I was able to heal my relationship with my physical vessel and food. But the best part, the part I want for everyone… 

I feel fucking good! Better than I ever thought possible. Better than I have in my whole life. My quality of life was low, I just didn't know any better until I finally got in touch with what my body was trying to communicate to me for so long. I had no idea my lifestyle was holding me back from my best life and self. 

As my health increased so did my happiness, inner glow, zest for life, self love, fulfillment, motivation, confidence, abundance, and freedom. Health is the pinnacle of life, it's what allows you to experience it at full capacity. Enhancing our health naturally enhances every other aspect of life.

My mission now more than ever is to help humans feel good again! I'm a virgo sun which means I've always been a natural healer and one of my main strong suits is to be of service. Virgo also rules over the digestive system, my main focus. My moon is in Libra meaning I have the natural ability to create balance in every aspect of life. My Aries rising propelled me to be a leader and take radical action in the things I'm passionate about and share my unique gifts with the world (we all have them). My Pluto and north node in Scorpio means a strong odyssey of death and rebirth cycles, letting old parts of ourselves die so new ones can take life. All of which are integral parts of the lifestyle change journey. 

Prior to me even being conscious about gut health and holistic healing I was a personal trainer for years. I went to school and earned my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition where I gained extensive knowledge on the human body. I continued gaining knowledge through self education which we are all empowered to do. I took it another step further and got certified as a Wellness Coach. I now pair my degree and certification with my knowledge, experience, and passion of creating optimal health through systemic healing and intentional living.


My core belief is that restoring health isn't possible without first healing. Heal(th). It's right in the word. 

I don't know about you but I refuse to let my health and wellbeing be dictated by a class of people who were essentially taught how to make big pharma money. I refuse to live a low quality of life and feel like crap everyday. I refuse to depend on drugs and watch my health continue to decline as I get older. I refuse to live my last years on this earth sick, bed ridden, unhappy, in pain, suffering with a case of pills next to me. 

As a Certified Wellness Coach I help people integrate the lifestyle changes necessary in order to restore health and achieve a high level of wellbeing. I want to see a society of happy, healthy people. I want to see dis-ease rates drop for the first time in over a century. The time is always now to take control of your life and your health because trust me when I say there is nothing better than feeling your best.  

If any of this resonates with you and you have the desire to convert your lifestyle into one of nourishment and alignment you are at the right place. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter where you’ll receive exclusive holistic health and wellness content as well as any new services, products, and offerings 🤎🌿

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