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Hello & Welcome Beautiful Soul! 

I’m Bellamy Ryder, Certified Wellness Coach dedicated to helping humans heal the body from the inside out through living a holistic, intentional, nourishing lifestyle. We all deserve to feel and be well!

"It's only through experiencing dis-ease that I could learn to heal and prevent it." 


In order to achieve the healthy, happy body we desire we must first heal.


Feeling and being unwell has become normalized with dis-ease rates at an all time high. As dis-ease increases, quality of life decreases. The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to be and feel and be better than ever but there is no quick fix or single solution, it requires a lifestyle change. 

​Here we focus on…

Creating a nourishing diet and lifestyle that promotes optimal gut health, reduces chronic inflammation, and restores systemic homeostasis. 

​Integrating holistic daily rituals and healthy behaviors that enhance overall quality of life, wellbeing, and the capability and functionality of the body. 

Lifestyle as medicine because the human body is so resilient given what it needs and when properly taken care of. 

Whether you're already on this journey or feeling called to get started, I'm excited and honored to be part of it! 

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